Trullo di Pezza is located in Torricella, just a few kilometers from Manduria, where the heart of Primitivo production is found in Puglia. Simona and Marika Lacaita inherited the vineyard from their parents, who had been selling their grapes prior to their daughters’ involvement. Simona and Marika followed their passion to build their own winery dedicated to organic viticulture, and in 2013, Trullo di Pezza was born.

With thirty hectares under vine, the sister’s vineyards benefit from the “Terre Rossa” soil which is distinctive for its vivid red color, limestone richness and myriad of mineral deposits. Like the soil, here is where Primitivo shows its richest, most captivating and complex side. Additionally the positioning of their vines allow for even ripening as they are planted from north to south.

All of the Trullo di Pezza wines are certified organic. Of the farm’s thirty hectares, twenty are dedicated to Primitivo, five to Negroamaro, with the remainder shared between Aglianico and Fiano.