Since 2005, Enrico Battisti had the vision to gather and introduce a genuine collection of wines from Italy to the United States.  From the beginning, SoilAir Selection has centered itself upon assuring that each wine selected brings quality and excitement to the table. Today our fine selection has expanded immensely including not only wines from Italy but also from the United States, France, Austria, Argentina, Germany, Portugal and Spain.


We feel lucky to say that our team is not just a group of young, hard working professionals but also a family. Each of us has brought our unique skill sets together to create this dynamic company. All of our wine specialists work efficiently to help you select wines that fit your environment and keep your business growing. Our clientele is known to have some of the most successful businesses in the United States. We believe our business model works.  


We do not have a standard idea of what a great wine is…We believe "perfection" is a combination of balance and elegance.  We love wines that express the unique characteristics of their territory and origin.


Our goal for the future is to continue bringing known, and undiscovered fine wines from across the globe into the US market.  We want to make sure every bottle imported by "SoilAir Selection" is always a favorite. We are proud of what we do and all the wines we represent.