In 1845, Vincenzo Ippolito stamped his initials on a country house that sat amongst vineyards, olive groves, and orange trees in the heart of the Marina of Ciro. With a 160+ year old history, Ippolito is Calabria’s oldest winery. Located in the historic center of Ciro Marina, the heart of Calabrian wine-growing, the company maintains a farm of over 100 hectares that are distributed amongst rolling hills and sunny plains near the Ionian Sea.

At the forefront of the company’s mission is the restoration and enhancement of indigenous grapes such Gaglioppo, Calabrese and Pecorello. Through constant research, the use of innovative techniques, and direct control in the entire production processes, Ippolito wines convey elegance, exclusivity and a strong identity with their territory. The company believes in preserving their environment by using sustainable farming and winemaking methods. Today, Ippolito produces 120,000 bottles per year under 14 labels and is present in four continents.