After over 20 years of making wine in Tuscany, Fabrizio and Cecilia Piccin went looking for a different location with ideal conditions to begin a new winery project. They settled on Basilicata, home of the Vulture volcano and some of the most distinct and age-worthy wines in Italy, where they founded the Grifalco winery in 2004. The name Grifalco is a tribute to the family’s past and present. It combines the griffin, the symbol of Montepulciano in Tuscany where the Piccin’s are from, and the falcon, symbol of Monte Vulture, their adopted home.

    The next generation of the Piccin family is heavily involved in the operation as well. Fabrizio and Cecilia’s son, Lorenzo, is a trained oenologist and oversees the winemaking, while Andrea conducts the commercial operations.

    The organically cultivated vineyards of Grifalco are deeply rooted in the volcanic soil of Vulture on hillsides between 450 and 580 meters above sea level, with vines up to 80 years old. Each parcel is harvested and vinified separately, creating wines that stay true to their distinct terroir.