For 150 years, the art of the wine has been passed from one generation of the Nadau family  to another. The Nadau family and its employees exert all their passion to create wines that conform to the high standard of the Bordeaux Certification system. Jean Louis Nadau produces red, rose and white wines and therefore fully represents this region with his great wines.

You will find the vineyards of the Nadau family located to the south of Libourne at Faleyras, on the limestone plateau at the heart of l'Entre-deux-Mers. Its Chateau and vineyards tell a historic and passionate story of the Nadau family.

The vineyard is spread over 70 hectares and produces 350,000 bottles
annually. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are grown and this
ensemble gives the wine a complexity that units fullness with structure.
Up-to-date processes are used by the Château, but the wines are matured in
oak casks to ennoble each vintage.