The name “Braida” began with Giuseppe Bologna, who carried it as a nickname and passed it on to his great grandson, Giacomo Bologna. Giacomo inherited vineyards from his father, as well as an unconditional love for his land and wine. Giacomo ventured to produce a Super Barbera, vinifying the grapes into a quality wine and maturing it subsequently in French barriques, a practice unknown to most at that time. Rafaella and Giuseppe Bologna (named for his ancestor), both oenologists, are the third Braida generation and are united by Giacomo's initial dream to elevate the Barbera grape into a noble status which is often reserved only for international varieties. Bricco dell’Uccellone, the flagship wine of the company, has now become one of the world’s leading Italian wines. 

The vineyards lie in beautiful hills with south-eastern exposure from 150m to 500m above sea level. There is a wide range of temperatures and soil types - medium-heavy texture with sand and clay in Rocchetta Tanaro, Castelnuovo Calcea for their top quality Barbera, and clay and calcareous soil in Mango d’Alba for their sweet wines Brachetto and Moscato. Braida produces high quality wines through the selection of suitable sites and use of state-of-the-art winemaking and bottling techniques, including the practice of sustainable viticulture and production. The winery is producing 600,000 bottles per year.