This Domaine is one of the oldest domaines in the vineyards of Nantes. It belonged to Mr. Chéreau, the father of Véronique Günther-Chéreau.

Today, the property is managed by Véronique and her daughter Aurore Günther. They belong to a family that has been making wine since the middle-ages. This historical property is part of the “Patrimoine d’Art et d’Histoire du vignoble de Nantes” (i.e. part of the Historical Héritage of the vineyards of Nantes). The name of Fresnay refers to the period when there were ash trees close to this parcel.

In order to protect the terroir and the environment, the estate adopted a program of sustainably combatting the diseases of the vineyard, aided  by the natural grass covering the soil. This winery is a pioneer in the new approach to the Village appellations, and the care and precision they take in the vineyards and the winery is evident in the wines.