Transcendence is a husband and wife team comprised of Joey and Sara Gummere. The concept of Transcendence had been their dream since the moment they met in 2000.  At the time they were partners in another winery and although they always knew they would someday have their own, they never quite knew the name.  In 2006, when a childhood friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer they crafted a special barrel of wine that they knew would be enjoyed at her celebration of life party.  In 2007 when they had to create the label for this wine they wrote the word Transcendence and it was in that very moment the word Transcendence exploded into a brand.

 Transcendence defined means "to go above and beyond."  The word was meaningful for their dear friend and it definitively expresses what they do as winemakers.  They go above and beyond not only in the cellar but in the community as well. They do their best to give back to the community that enjoys their wine on a local, national and international level.

They never compromise in the cellar and go to extreme lengths to be as non-interventionist as possible.