With vineyards spanning along Puglia’s eastern coastline around the town of Brindisi, Tommaso Rubino, and his son Luigi have worked for decades to promote Puglia’s indigenous varietals. As one of the first to produce 100% Susumaniello, they have the most plantings of this rare varietal still planted today.

In the late 1980’s, Tommaso Rubino converted his grain and vegetable farms to vines for winemaking. He steered the direction away from larger production towards an emphasis on quality production, while showcasing Puglia’s native grape varietals.

With four sites situated around Brindisi and planted in calcareous and sandy soils, Tenute Rubino’s wines collectively captured the unique terroir and maritime influence of the Eastern side of Puglia. The vineyards benefit from winds from both east and west, naturally resulting in sustainable farming practices.

As Tommaso and Luigi held true to their vision, they are recognized for more graceful and balanced styles of Puglian wine, particularly seen with their stainless steel aged Primitivo and Susumaniello, along with the Trebiccieri winning Susumaniello “Torre Testa”.