In the 1980’s, Tommaso Rubino founded this winery through the acquisition of 4 different estates in Brindisi. In the beginning, the farm was mixed agriculture, also selling produce such as grapes, olives, wheat, artichokes, and tomatoes. By the end of the 90’s, Tommaso's son Luigi had completed the construction of a new vinification and refining cellar located in Brindisi and Tenute Rubino became a wine producing reality. The first bottle, Marmorelle Rosso, was released in 2000. 

The vineyards cover 200 hectares out of the 500 owned by the property. They are located along the Adriatic shore towards the Brindisi hinterland. Here, the soil content moves away from the overly fertile, volcanic soils inland and takes on a much more severe, sandy character. The vines struggle, but in the process produce wines of lower natural alcohol and lower pH.
The four estates form together a continent in miniature: wines with strongly different features are derived from the same grape variety planted in different places, giving full expression to the territorial identity. 

The Jaddico estate is home to the yearly womens harvest festival, open to families and all enthusiasts, which celebrates the territory and the Apulian peasant tradition. The name derives from the fact that historically in Salento the women lead the harvest, singing the traditional folk music of Salento. The Women's Harvest is a great time for sharing, during which all the enthusiasts can discover the value of commitment to enhancing the quality of these grapes, and admire the precision and skill of the women who make up the team.