Weingut Strehn is located in Deutschkreutz in Mittelburgenland, also called the Blaufränkischland. Joseph Strehn founded the winery in the 1950s, and since then his focus has always been Blaufränkisch. All aspects of production are overseen by the family. The third generation is now in charge. Patrick Pfneisl is the winemaker, his sister Pia Pfneisl manages of the 50 hectare estate, and their youngest brother Andreas Pfneisl handles the vineyards.

The Blaufrankisch variety was first documented in the 18th century in Austria. At that time, in what was then Germany, the varietal had the name of Lemberger or Limberger, derived from the town of Limberg, today  known as Maissau in Niederösterreich. It is a result of the natural crossing of the Heunisch variety and an unknown grape (probably a mutation of the Blauer Groben). Blaufränkisch was used as a crossing partner for Austrian new breeds like Zweigelt, Blauburger, Roesler and Rathay. Even breeding stations abroad used the variety for crossings. An autochthonous variety, Blaufränkisch is found in the wine-growing region Mittelburgenland, also referred to as “Blaufränkischland”.