The name “Sol-miner” is meant to reference "mining the sun" which in turn nourishes the soul. The name inspires Anna & David to discover and unearth the treasures in the soils of the California Central Coast.  Their decisions have always been personal (not commercial) and involve what they call "conscious farming".  As they learn about their little piece of earth and their place in it, the picture begins to widen. They've incorporated chickens, grazing sheep, the lunar calendar, bio dynamic compost, preparations and teas all to support the microorganisms in the dirt and health of the vineyard.  

Organic and conscious farming practices are just one of many things they are dedicated to in order to make wines honestly. Each wine is unique, and made by doing what feels right with no recipes. Solminer mainly just wants the wines to reflect the vineyard and the vintage. Anna and David think wines express their site well when picked at the right time (earlier than most would think in California) and made without added yeast or other additions. They use minimal sulphur to help preserve what they work so hard to get into the bottle. This method allows the product to turn into refreshing, food-friendly and balanced wines with good acidity and structure.