Siro Pacenti has always had an eye towards the future and embracing modern developments and technology, while maintaining the rich traditions of Brunello production. In 1970, Siro Pacenti purchased a small property just north of Montalcino overlooking Siena. The land included the Pelagrilli vineyard, which Siro knew would be the ideal spot to begin his production of Sangiovese. The estate later expanded to include land south of Montalcino, in the small hamlet of Piancornello where Siro’s father had planted 5 hectares of Sangiovese vines in the 60’s. These original vines are used as the rootstock source of every new planting at the Siro Pacenti estate, thereby linking the traditions of the past with the goals of the future. In 1988 Siro passed on management of the winery to his son Giancarlo, who oversees the estate to this day. 

   In total there are 22 hectares of Sangiovese planted on the property, from the hot and mineral-rich climate of Piancornello in the south, to the breezy north-facing hills of Pelagrilli. It is one of the few estates that truly represents the varying expressions of Montalcino. The care taken in the vineyards and respect Giancarlo shows the land is reflected in these terroir driven wines. Siro Pacenti is the optimal expression of Brunello di Montalcino, embodying finesse, tradition, and balance.