The Montecariano Estate is owned by Mariella Gini together with her 2 sons, Marco and Matteo. These brothers, continuing a family tradition which dates back to the last century, are a very dynamic and vibrant duo that brought Montecariano wines to a higher standard of quality. Marco is the winemaker of the pair, taking charge of all the production processes, from the vineyards to the cellars; while Matteo is the businessman, overseeing sales, communications and marketing. 

The family is very meticulous and respectful of the land, growing all their grapes in a natural way allowing low yields and selecting only the best of the harvest. They believe that the only way to protect the Valpolicella’s land and its native grape varieties is through a certified sustainable integrated production protocol, producing wines that are the pure expression of their terroir and climate.

The winery covers 27 hectares of limestone, clay, and fossil rich soils located in the hills of the San Pietro in the Cariano valley of Verona, and produces 15,000 bottles per year. The environment represents a natural amphitheatre crossed from east to west by lush wild vegetation, creating the perfect ecosystem for insects to protect the vineyards.