Domaine Jean-Claude Masson is situated in the unique land of Apremont in Savoie, nestled between Jura and the Alps at 400 meters above sea level. This region is the product of a long and unique geological history, beginning in 1248 when a landslide off of mount Granier forever changed the landscape. The torrents of mud and rock formed deposits of argilo-limestone which run in deep veins through the hillside and compose the terroir today. The winery work has been working with these soils for over 50 years, doing their utmost to preserve and express the land through their wines.

Jean-Claude Masson, the current 10th generation owner and winemaker, bottles separate wines from each of many different parcels and soil types, often varying his techniques of vinification significantly as well. His careful attention to detail produces delightful and food friendly wines that stay true to the terroir of Apremont and are viewed as a benchmark for the wines of this region.