This project is a partnership between POE Wines and Chef Mike Emanuel, a private chef who spent 12 years cooking at Chez Panisse.
The base of the vermouth is two barrels of Mendocino Chardonnay. The winemakers then added the peels from 300 pound of biodynamic Seville Sour oranges, a good portion of pith, and some of the fruit, and allowed it to extract in eau de vie and wine, along with a secret blend of botanicals.

This vermouth is best consumed on its own over ice. However, It can also be used as a beautiful ingredient in a Vesper cocktail, a Negroni, citrus Martini, Old Fashioned, Rob Roy, play on a Derby, a Brandy Sour, Vermouth Fizz, or Boulevardier.

Over the winter holiday, good friend of POE wines Dave Cruz, formerly of Ad Hoc and currently the owner of Little Gem restaurant in Hayes Valley, made a beautiful reduction sauce for quail and pork. The recipe called for one bottle of Vin D’Orange, one clementine, and a bit of vinegar, highlighting how versatile and complementary the product can be.