Domenico Meroi (often referred to by his nickname "Dominin") founded this estate at the beginning of the twentieth century, which he then handed down the ownership of to his son Attilio and his grandson Davino. By the end of the seventies he was bottling the wine himself, which previously had only been sold locally and on tap. He also managed to enlarge the estate to its current 19 hectares of vineyards on the hills behind Buttrio. The Meroi winery took part in the first editions of the Fiera dei Vini di Buttrio, the famous wine fair held at Villa Toppo-Florio, which began in 1932 and initially only involved the local wineries of Buttrio and the surrounding area.

Today, Paolo Meroi continues the tradition started by his great grandfather. In 2007 the estate acquired the vineyard known as “Zitelle” ("spinsters"), which was formerly owned by an ancient order of unmarried nuns. Once an old clay quarry, the vineyard became part of the historic family vineyard known as “Dominin”.   Approximately 40% of the farmland in Buttrio is devoted to vine growing, most of which is included in Friuli Colli Orientali. Meroi has 13 ha under vine with a production of 60,000 bottles per year. The vines are cultivated organically; no pesticides or herbicides are used, the vines are fertilized with manure, and plants are treated only by spraying copper sulphate and sulphur.