MacRobert and Canals was founded by South African oenologist Bryan MacRobert, who was introduced to the beauty of the Spanish countryside after marrying a winemaker in Rioja. The brand Laventura was created to represent his new venture making wines in Rioja through a partnership with his father-in-law. Bryan is a member of Rioja’n’Roll, a group of several young producers working together to promote wines that reflect the personality of their vineyards and terroirs.


    MacRobert & Canals aspires to respect and maintain the spirit of traditional Rioja while using modern winemaking technology. They pride themselves in having searched the whole of Rioja for the very best and unique vineyards that produce quality fruit. These sites include recently purchased plots of vineyards planted between 1935 and 1955, including some smaller plots in Rioja Alavesa and a larger eastern-facing vineyard between the villages of Laguardia and Elvillar. Care is taken to nurture and manage the vines throughout the different growing seasons as each season demands different techniques and practices to optimize quality and expression. All vineyards are farmed according to organic guidelines and principals with great efforts towards sustainability.