Michel Chapoutier is a passionate hard-working winemaker and charismatic figure from Northern Rhône, France. Since 1990, Michel has achieved world recognition for his work of excellence and relentless search of the finest terroirs, as well as for pioneering bio-dynamic viticulture in the Rhône Valley before it became a trend.

His passion for both wine and gastronomy led him to meet, 3-Michelin-Star Chefs, with whom he created the two refined Chefss ranges of Northern Rhone wines: Anne-Sophie Pic / M. Chapoutier and Yannick Alleno / M. Chapoutier.

Both chefs and Michel decided early on that their careers would be more exciting and challenging off the beaten path. They contributed to the reinvention of their respective fields - cooking and wine making and were determined to add their own personal touch to these domains. Together, they eventually purchased a selected vineyards and parcels from the prestigious appellations of Cornas, St. Joseph, St. Peray and Crozes-hermitage, with the mission and passion to produce gastronomic wines.