Ledge Vineyards was founded by Mark Adams in 2005 after a life in music and sound effects for Sony in Los Angeles.

Mark's parents bought the land - now called Adams Ranch Vineyards - in the mid-'70s to raise cattle and grow the occasional grain crop. It wasn't until 2005 that the first grapes were planted, mostly on sand and clay. The grapes were primarily Syrah with just a touch of Grenache and Mourvedre.

Mark and his wife Ciera work with Adams Ranch Vineyard in Willow Creek AVA , James Berry Vineyard in Willow Creek AVA, Saxum Estate Vineyard and Dante Dusi Vineyard in Templeton Gap AVA, and G2 Vineyard in Willow Creek AVA. To get some experience, he turned to childhood pal Justin Smith, a well-respected winemaker and vineyard consultant who gave him a job working at Saxum and its James Berry Vineyard just a mile from his land.

In 2009, Ledge had its first estate harvest of the Adams Ranch Vineyard Syrah, which is field-blended with a small amount of Grenache and Mourvedre. In 2010 the first full block of Grenache was planted. It was at this time that the wines began to take on a personality of their own, influenced not so much by winemaking style but also by terroir. The wines are a bit lower in alcohol and have a trademark freshness and complexity due to the sandy soils and neutral oak aging.  Always exposed to experimentation at Saxum, Mark began playing with whole cluster inclusion, wild yeast fermentation and neutral oak aging.  By the time the 2010 and 2011 vintages were in bottle, Ledge wines had carved out a reputation for being uniquely elegant and, as some would say, old-world in nature.