La Calandria (Pura Garnacha) was established in 2007 by two childhood friends, Javier Continente and Luis Remacha, with the aim of recovering very old Grenache vineyards in their native Navarra. They named their winery Calandria, meaning lark, a bird which nests on the ground in the grape vines and quickly moves to wherever the climate is best. The D.O. is Navarra, the regional appellation, but their two vineyards are in the Ribera Baja, the southernmost D.O. in Navarra.

    Working from the local co-op in Murchante, La Murchantina, they own some small plots of bush vines located in this village, and in neighboring Cintruénigo, on the frontier bad-lands between Navarra and Aragon. The vines are nourished by the River Ebro, several miles south-east of their Rioja heart-land. Javier Continente is the gifted wine-maker of the duo, while Luis tends the vines.

    It is no easy feat to cultivate a vineyard without the use of modern machinery, but that did not discourage this team from dedicating themselves to such farming practices. All pruning and plowing is done by hand and there are no herbicides used in the vineyards.