In 1999, Alberto Salvadori inherited the beautiful country house in Piumazzo named “La Battagliola” from his mother Anna Maria. The Modenese plains were still young and mostly uncultivated at this time, but Alberto could see that they had potential to produce high quality grapes. He transformed the land into an area of 70,000 Lambrusco Grasparossa vine cuttings. Alberto chose Grasparossa  because it is the grape variety most suited for the land. The soil at La Battagliola is gravelly, a feature distinctive of the growing area of Grasparossa. This unique aspect not only lowers the risk of pathogens, but it also guarantees the consistency of the wine in terms of aromas, flavour and great quality. The Lambrusco Grasparossa “Dosage 15” is La Battagliola’s flagship. it pours an intense ruby red color, with a beautiful fruity bouquet of cherry, raspberry and blackberry. It is crisp and refreshing, with a good structure on the palate.

Alberto never stopped looking forward to new challenges, such as his goal to preserve traditional varieties of his land from extinction. In 2015 La Battagliola started to grow another indigenous variety of Emilia Romagna: the Pignoletto spumante. Today La Battagliola has 27 ha under vine and a production of 60,000 bottles per year. Alberto's children Beatrice and Tommaso share the same passion for wine and now help run the winery and estate.