For decades the Fronti family has specialized in vineyard development and management for famous Tuscany wineries. The family also owned small vineyard plots in the Chianti Classico area, mostly in Radda with some in Gaiole.

It was natural that the younger generation would start to make wine from the family's vineyards. Their first wine was the 2009 Chianti Classico, of which less than 250 cases were made with fruit from the Istine vineyard; the family has finally realized their dream of integrating their different activities.

The vineyards are not in one piece but are fragmented, in different zones with distinct characteristics. From the 2012 vintage, the family began a project of separate vinification of Sangiovese depending on the vineyard of origin. Now they have three different 'crus' of Chianti Classico coming from three distinct vineyard sites: Istine Vineyard - between Radda and Castellina, Casanova Vineyard - near Radda and Cavarchione Vineyard - in Gaiole.

Always working naturally, since 2016 they are certified organic. Their goal is to retain respect for tradition while trying to bring out as much as possible what nature has to offer in this high elevation part of Chianti Classico.