The H. Blin Family Estate is a union of growers in the Marne Valley, Champagne, consisting of 130 hectares of vineyards (90 hectares of Pinot Meunier, 20 hectares of Chardonnay and 20 hectares of Pinot Noir). H. Blin is one of the best producers in Champagne, with a strong emphasis on the Pinot Meunier variety. All of the vineyards are located around the village of Vincelles, with all of their wines being made from grapes grown exclusively in their own vineyards.

This producer is a specialist in using the Pinot Meunier varietal with their three 100% Pinot Meunier cuvees, and are the largest vineyard owners of Pinot Meunier in Champagne. The Pinot Meunier is the most famous indigenous grape varietal of Champagne region, with 99% of the world’s production occurring in the Marne Valley. One of the most important goals of H. Blin is to protect the environment by using the most natural products to treat the vineyards, which has already earned them organic certification for 3 hectares of vineyard.    
H. Blin’s champagnes are highly rated by the best American reviewers, such Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, Stephen Tanzer’s, and Vinous.