Situated on a hilltop in the southernmost section of Morellino di Scansano in Grosseto, the Estate of Ghiaccio Forte bears a heritage formidable both in viniculture and in the historical patrimony of the region. Ghiaccio Forte inherits a winemaking tradition that has been the soul of this land for over two millennia.  It is named after the ancient Etruscan settlement whose center lies only a few kilometeres from what is now the estate’s cellars. The property covers a total of 70 hectares, 14 of which are planted with vineyards, producing 60,000 bottles per year. These vineyards are cared for using sustainable agricultural practices.

The vast Albenga river valley lets out into the Mediterranean only about 25 kilometers from Ghiaccio Forte, and the Mediterranean Sea as well as the islands of Giglio and Montecristo are visible from the top of the estate. This vision brings a maritime influence to life here, especially when summer breezes carry the scent of the salt water up into the valley from the coast. The region’s combination of valleys and hillsides (The Monte Amiata sits about 50 kilometres due northeast) and of the river and the sea can present extremes that the winery uses to their advantage through sustainable farming. Daily deliberate scrutiny guides the winemakers in the pruning of each plant to afford the grapes an ideal balance of exposure to and protection from the sun, the wind, and the significant diurnal temperature shift. 

The winery produces two Morellino di Scansano wines; Vigna del Passero which is a youthful and approachable wine, and the venerable Ghiaccio Forte Selezione which is the maximum expression of this land and serves as a testament to the structure and age-worthiness of wines from this region.