Anne Garber (née Goltz) was born in 1977 in West Berlin and raised on the isle of Sylt, and as a resident of Spitz/Wachau has been working for TV since the age of 18. From 2005 until 2012 she was signed by the ZDF/Arte feature film department and produced a show with her own production company in Hamburg. In 2010, when she and her husband were travelling along the Danube river. they passed through the famous wine region of Wachau and fell in love with a medieval house called Sonnhof, located in Spitz, and simply decided to start a new life. Together with Anne’s parents they bought the ancient property and restored it. From the first day they moved in they’ve been working in wine and have found their true passion. Soon, Anne’s parents followed to live there, as well as their two dogs and two little sons! Along the way Anne studied TV and film production in a master class and just applied for an advanced training class on organic wine making for 2016. She truly considers herself a winemaker and filmmaker and works in the vineyard and the cellar as well as she writes editorial reports for a film distributor in Vienna and her own feature film scripts. Max is a doctor and supports her being a winegrower, whenever he can.