The estate is co-owned by two brothers, Franck and Sylvain Godon.
The Godon brothers perpetuate a family tradition that dates back to the last century in order to produce quality crop from organically farmed vineyards of the Loire Valley. While the previous generations sold their crop to other producers, the Godon brothers are the first generation to produce wine and to export it. Both brothers are involved in managing the vineyard and winery operations while Franck is more focused on the winemaking role.They grow all their grapes in a very natural way, and dedicate their time to the vineyard as if it were a garden.

The vineyards form a property of 8 acres south of the "montagne" of Sancerre, specifically from the terroirs of St Satur, Chavignol and Menetou Râtel. Two grape varietals are organically farmed here. The Pinot Noir vines are grown in the more limestoney part of the vineyards, while the Sauvignon Blanc vines are grown in the more flint-rich portion. The flint is the stone that gives such a remarkable and expressive character to the aromatic varietal. The goal of the 2 brothers is to reflect a beautiful, intense and true-to-terroir expression of the planted varietals, and they certainly succeed with this lineup of wines.