Tucked inside the coastal mountains of Santa Barbara County, lies the bucolic Folded Hills. Less wind-exposed than Santa Rita Hills and not as warm as Ballard Canyon, this site grows in its own unique microclimate. Together with local viticultural legend, Ruben Solorzano, Folded Hills has chosen the ideal sites to grow their wines.

Carefully preserving the natural beauty and health of the property, this winery has tucked their vineyard between a stand of oak trees and the natural forest. Each block is established in its own perfect aspect to the sun, the Grenache with a bit more warmth, the Syrah a bit less, to usher in just the right amount of ripeness for each variety. A daily cooling breeze from the Pacific Ocean comes through the canyon to the south bringing with it freshness and mouthwatering acidity.

Throughout the Hillside Vineyard, the soils are a combination of well-draining, sandy loam mixed through with limestone rocks and gravel. The result is the site retains just enough water and mineral complexity for the health of the vines while making sure their roots don’t stay wet.  

Ruben farms these vineyards organically. He works with the ranch manager and farming team to ensure thoughtful, patient response to the vines’ own needs. Additionally, vines are pruned, planted and harvested according to the lunar calendar to respect the natural rhythms of the vines. In winter, the fields enjoy a vibrant cover crop of mixed legumes.

All together the goal of Folded Hills is quality, born from respect for the land and its history.