The story begins in 1989, when, after a lifetime working in wine, Antonio Sanz fulfilled his dream of producing his own wines in Navarra. He soon realized that the production of great wines depended not only on work in the winery, but also careful attention to the vines and their treatment and care. Today his sons, Xabier, Iñaki and Mikel Sanz are at the helm.

Since 2010 they’ve been renting vineyards in Rioja Alavesa, located between Labastida and San Vicente de la Sonsierra, with full control of the farming. After four years of hard work in the field, the first vintage was produced in 2015.

Wines are made at the family winery in Corella. They practice low intervention, environmentally-friendly viticulture and all processes are carried out manually including the harvest. Their philosophy of minimal intervention is carried throughout the winery with spontaneous fermentation, no racking, no filter or clarify, no additives, and only sulphur in very moderate doses.