In 1820, Jean-Dominique Laudet returned from the Caribbean, where he had spent 20 years in the spice trade, to fulfill his dream of producing Armagnac, the oldest French alcohol.

It was then that he acquired the Château Laballe, on the edge of the Landes and the Gers, a region once called Grand Bas Armagnac. The vineyard is situated on a unique land called Sables Fauves. While these soils are well known for producing Armagnac, the Laballe estate was the first to produce wines in this region.

The Sables Fauves, gentle slopes of silty clayey sediments, contain iron oxide which brings minerality and freshness to the wines and Armagnacs. From efforts in the vineyard to the winemaking and aging, everything is done to extract the maximum expression of the terroir.