Pierre-Henri Gadais is a fifth generation winemaker who inherited Domaine de la Combe from his father. The winery is located in the “lieux dit” La Pétière in Saint-Fiacre. At the center of this region is a type of valley known as a ‘Combe’, thus the name of the winery.

   Due to the erosion of the soil that created the Sèvre river, the vines are now on the back of a cliff. It is the only spot in Saint-Fiacre where you can be on the bank of the Sèvre with a southern exposure. Gadais is the only producer making use of this ideal terroir. 

   With a total of 9 hectares planted with only Melon de Bourgogne, the estate is one of the last to produce only Muscadet, as they believe firmly in maintaining traditional and authentic practices in the vineyard. Gadais and his team go to great lengths to use sustainable practices and are in the process of converting to being fully certified organic.