Founded by the Costa family in 1851, this 7-hectare estate lies on a hilltop overlooking the village of Montà d’Alba in the heart of the Roero area in Piemonte. This incredible area is characterized by small, interweaving hills, yellow-ochre sandy soils full of marine fossils, and densely wooded areas dotted with vineyards. The winery is run by papá Nino and mamma Gemma. With their son Alessandro, who is the winemaker, they cultivate the primary varieties of the Roero and the Langhe, Arneis, Nebbiolo, Favorita and Brachetto, with extreme passion and dedication, producing only 18,000 bottles per year. All of the vineyards at the Costa estate are located within 1 mile from their newly built facility so that Alessandro can be sure to preserve the health and the quality of the grapes throughout the entire process. Costa uses sustainable farming and winemaking methods in order to maintain the natural conditions of the environment and preserve the quality and authenticity of the grapes, therefore the wines are certified vegan. Alessandro believes that the only way to protect the Roero’s land and its native grape varieties is to make wines that are the pure expression of their terroir and climate, which he accomplishes with the Roero Arneis and Langhe Nebbiolo.