Christian Mrozowski was born in 1967 in Vienna-Floridsdorf, one of the oldest agricultural enterprises - still without viticulture. But his interest in the native soil, for the precious treasures the soil gave, in Leopoldau the outskirts of the capital, his fondness for product quality and healthy, fresh food was fast-growing.

He first made a career as sports photographer for years. "Big Picture" was his claim. Until the focus gradually returned "back to the roots".  On 1 January 2004 he became a full-time viticulture.

"My credo: small, fine, limited, exclusive "

There is a lot of talk about "bio" and "sustainability". For Christian Mrozowski, the terms were indeed leitmotifs. In these years, he collected awards of its fine wines in national and international restaurants and great compliment from French colleagues.

To satisfy demand, Mrozowski had to build up the ground - "Now I have one of the best locations in the Weinviertel!". "Even from his principles, the passionate wine-maker does not miss a millimeter:" I only fill the bottles of wine when the wine is ready, not when I need it. I give him the time to develop. And I want to be small, fine, limited and exclusive. "