Le Mesnil sur Oger, located in the heart of Côte de Blancs is top-ranked among Crus. Their 3-hectares ground is split into smaller cultivation areas of the Grand Cru Le Mesnil sur Oger.

The owners are two Italians, Enrico and his wife Nadia. Enrico has always been in love with wine bubbles, even though his main business is bioengineering and environmental restoration. Indeed, Enrico has gained experience in using a system called " hydroseeding", a process that entails the usage of special blends of natural products, including a mix of selected seeds to restore the original habit. This cultivation technique has been applied to these Champagne grape-vines and has led Enrico to start the Encry project.

The name, "Encry", derives from the nickname given to Enrico "Enry" and the letter "C" meaning "Champagne". The Maison aims at carrying on the champagne production in order to capture and attract those consumers who are looking for Encry features. Furthermore, that means not only the prestige of a Grand Cuvée but also a product excellent in taste and elegance.