The Carpineta Fontalpino vineyard has been owned by the Cresti family since the 1960’s, with a winemaking tradition that can be traced back to 1900. The name, which has never changed, represents the history and natural beauty of the area. Carpineta is named for the Carpini trees of this area, which are characterized by their silver backed leaves, and Fontalpino represents the local water source surrounded by the pine trees of Montaperti. The surrounding territory is rich in history, legends and love that are experienced by all those who are fortunate to visit it. It's unforgettable atmosphere creates strong emotions. The family is very appreciative of the beauty of their land, and so they strive to maintain the unaltered countryside and keep its traditions intact.

The Cresti family manages the business their parents started, working constantly with great passion and commitment to the land and their wines. One of their best known wines is called “Do ut des” meaning “I give so that you give back...nothing without sacrifice”, representing their understanding of balance required to cultivate the land successfully. 

The estate is currently owned by the 2 talented siblings Gioia and Filippo Cresti. They are assisted by dedicated colleagues, some of whom have been with them for more than 30 years since their parents started the business in 1960. Gioia is the winemaker and is responsible for the entire production process from vineyard to bottle. She literally “picks up” the best grapes so that the whole wine production is imprinted with her own personal style. Filippo manages the land, as well as the commercial and marketing development side of the business. The property extends to about 80 hectares and presents variouscultivar. The area planted with vines extends to about 23 hectares of specialized vines, sub-divided into grape types of Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and other experimental vines (Petit Verdot, Alicante etc).