In 2006, 19 small producers decided to join their lands and winemaking talents to create the company of Cantine Di Orgosolo. Their goal was to recover old vines and select the best Cannonau grapes from their vineyards to produce a sumptuous and complex red wine. The grapes are harvested by hand at low yields and using sustainable and traditional farming methods. The property consists of 16 hectares of rolling hills, with shallow granitic soils well suited to growing Cannonau, the Grenache of Sardegna. The soils have very good ventilation, reducing the need for pesticides. The producers at Orgosolo are also increasingly moving their production in a sustainable and biodynamic direction, both in the vineyards and in the cellar, by lowering sulfites and using ambient yeasts. The Supramonte plateau, which borders the commune of Orgosolo, is a wild and primarily untouched wilderness, home to endemic species such as wild boar and various birds of prey. The winemakers of Orgosolo demonstrate their dedication to this land through their products, which express a deep sense of place and passion for the environment.