Branciforti del Bordonaro is immersed in the countryside of Trapani, at the heart of an area with a long and storied agricultural history. Situated between Mount Erice and the Egadi islands, amongst the rolling hills at an altitude of 300 to 400 meters above sea level, this area is imprinted in Sicilian wine history as a pristine place which celebrates the union between the green vineyards and the blue sky. From the harvesting of the grapes to the delicate processes of winemaking, Branciforti is dedicated to honoring this history. The harvest begins in early August as soon as Chardonnay has reached the right degree of ripeness. Soon after, the expert hands of the tenants collect the berries of Grillo. It is a slow process that continues into the last ten days of September with the harvest of the red grapes. The goal of such care is reflected fully in the winemaking process, which aims to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of each grape variety. Branciforti encompasses respect for the land, care in the vineyard, and meticulous attention during winemaking to create a diverse and eclectic range of labels dedicated to lovers of fresh and ready to drink wines.