Superior soil, world-class grapes, and premium barrels are all essential in the creation of great wine. But in this day and age, it takes more than a strong pedigree to make a profound statement in the world of viticulture. Enter Balius Wines – a new breed of Napa Valley winery that stresses passion and ingenuity as much as grapes, sun, and soil. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Napa, the Balius story began in 2009 after Trevor Sheehan set out to craft wines that express a sense of place, a reflection of vintage, and a well-integrated use of oak aging.

Trevor had a strong working knowledge of producers and vineyards from acclaimed regions around the globe well before he turned 30, as a result of working in the fine wine trade in Napa. After surveying the current landscape of Napa Valley wines, he set out to capture a taste and a feeling that wasn’t readily available in today’s market –remarkable quality wines sourced from top Napa soil, a testament to the unique philosophies of the Balius brand.