The winery was established three generations ago and is located in the heart of the Ribeiro D.O., 45km east from the Atlantic Ocean in Galicia. All the labor in the vineyards is done manually, the vines being on hillsides and small plots. The use of terraces (known locally as socalcos or bocaribeiras) is common in the Ribeiro D.O, the slopes can be very steep. The main vineyards are on the slopes of ‘Coto de Novelle’  on the left bank of the Miho river. It has a bunch of small plots such as ‘A Ponte’, ‘O Quinteiro’, ‘Fonte Quente’, ‘La Calzada’ etc. The soil is mostly clay and sand but with variations from plot to plot.

The winery works only with native varietals, Treixadura & Palomino, Mencia, Brancellao, Caínho, Sousón and Ferron etc. The rule is minimal intervention in winemaking, native yeasts, no filtration but gravity decanting etc. The wines are pure, steeped in a long tradition of Galician winemaking.